Solar Panel Installers in Onkaparinga City

Solar Panels & Battery Storage Installed in Onkaparinga City

Solahart was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the value of the sun’s free energy. As an authorised Solahart dealer, Solahart Adelaide South can install a range of the high quality solar panels, battery storage systems & solar inverters in Onkaparinga

Solar Panels and Solar Batteries from Solahart

Smart solar Battery Technology for Onkaparinga City

We install high quality, efficient battery systems from only the best brands such as Tesla, GoodWe, SolarEdge and our very own Solahart PowerStore. Our battery storage systems are suitable for new home builds as well as existing homes.

Take advantage of our free in-home solar assessment. Our in-home solar assessments ensure you receive an accurate quote on a battery system that meets your needs. We pride ourselves on accurate quotes without any hidden extras.

Solar Hot Water Heating Installed in Onkaparinga City

Solahart pioneered solar water heating systems in Australia in 1953. Since then we have installed over 1 million systems in over 70 countries around the world including areas around Onkaparinga like Lonsdale, Morphett Vale, Aberfoyle Park, Christie Downs, Coromandel Valley, Flagstaff Hill, Hackham, McLaren Vale, Aldinga Beach, Sellicks Beach, Maslin Beach, O’Sullivan Beach, Willunga, Kangarilla, Port Norlunga, Woodcroft, Happy Valley, Noarlunga, Port Noarlunga, Clarendon, and Seaford

Solahart is a leading local installer of solar energy solutions in Onkaparinga and our solar PV systems are among the most efficient in the world that deliver big energy bill savings to homeowners who switch to solar panels by using energy that is free from the sun.

Solar Panels & Battery Storage Installed in Onkaparinga City

For over 65 years, Solahart has been helping Australians reduce their energy bills. This page highlights are best current offers on solar panels, battery storage and solar hot water systems in Onkaparinga and South Adelaide region.

We service areas all around Onkaparinga including:

  • Lonsdale
  • Morphett Vale
  • Aberfoyle Park
  • Christie Downs
  • Coromandel Valley
  • Flagstaff Hill
  • Hackham
  • McLaren Vale
  • Aldinga Beach
  • Sellicks Beach
  • Maslin Beach
  • O’Sullivan Beach
  • Willunga
  • Kangarilla
  • Port Norlunga
  • Woodcroft
  • Happy Valley
  • Noarlunga
  • Port Noarlunga
  • Clarendon
  • Seaford

A Local Solar Panel Company In Onkaparinga City

We understand that investing in solar power can be a big decision, but not all solar companies are the same. We are a locally solar panel installer based in Adelaide South that has expert staff and the backing of an Australian company that has been a leading energy experts for over 60 years. This ensures our ability to honour both our workmanship and warranties for all the local installations we do.

We always start with a free local solar assessment, rigorously test our systems for the harshest Australian conditions, and guarantee the performance of every system we sell.

Onkaparinga Solar Power Installation Company City

We install trusted, reliable products: Our high-quality systems include our own Solahart products, designed and manufactured in Australia, and products from some of the very best suppliers that abide by our strict quality standards, to ensure their products are suitable for the harsh Australian climate, such as SolarEdge, FIMER, GoodWe and Tesla.

Solar Power Special Offers for the Onkaparinga City

Here are our current offers on solar power packages and solar hot water systems.

Solar Power Installer Reviews for the Onkaparinga City

Recent customer reviews and testimonials from the Onkaparinga area:

Solar power installation in Flagstaff Hill by Solahart Adelaide South
I replaced a short lived evacuated tube system with a Solarhart HWS and couldn’t be happier with its operation. From my initial enquiry through to completed installation I found Paul and the Solarhart Marion team to be very knowledgeable and easy to deal with plus the work was completed in a timely and professional manner. My experience was very positive and I would be happy to recommend Solarhart Marion to anyone.


FROM Flagstaff Hill

Consultant: Paul Tucker
January 2024
Solar power installation in Aberfoyle Park by Solahart Adelaide South
Top tier in every sense. Really enjoyed this smooth process and felt involved/informed along the way – they didn’t just ‘do the job’ they explained it all, gave me options, reasons, advice and remained patient with me throughout. Being a young woman, I tend to get overlooked/ignored so this was a real delight. The replacement and relocation process was done perfectly – despite us having a complicated house/ previous third party set up. Their plumbers, electricians they use were all great too. Solarhart Marion, specifically Paul, really exceeded my expectations. Would recommend to anyone.


FROM Aberfoyle Park

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Malvern by Solahart Adelaide South
I am a repeat Solahart customer as I don’t think you can beat the service from the Adelaide South team. Very satisfied with my new energy efficient solar hot water system. Thanks Paul and Lyn!


FROM Malvern

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Happy Valley by Solahart Adelaide South

Eric & Sharon

FROM Happy Valley

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Glenelg North by Solahart Adelaide South
Solahart Marion (Paul Tucker), tailored a system to meet my energy needs, maximizing return. Communication was clear, with questions promptly answered in plain English. The panels and battery were installed efficiently and competently. A follow-up call checked that installation had gone well, with the battery checked and monitored over time to ensure that data matched expected outcomes. All stages of the process of my purchase and the people involved were professional and exceptional. I would confidently recommend Solarhart Marion to anyone searching for a good product and excellent service.


FROM Glenelg North

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Bellevue Heights by Solahart Adelaide South
Happy with the installation and service. Enjoying a lovely supply of hot water now and hopefully for many years to come.


FROM Bellevue Heights

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Coromandel Valley by Solahart Adelaide South


FROM Coromandel Valley

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Blackwood by Solahart Adelaide South
Very professional, helpful and cost competitive


FROM Blackwood

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
December 2023
Solar power installation in Warradale by Solahart Adelaide South
The Quote:Paul turned up on time, answered all our questions, and set things in motion for us. The Temporary HWS: very effective, and better than the gas one we were replacing. The Installation: The guys arrived on time, and didn’t stop until the job was completed. They worked well as a team, and answered all our questions. The Finished Product: The unit provides more than enough hot water to meet all household needs, and maintains temperature all day with minimum power boost. Thank you all!! Jim W


FROM Warradale

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
May 2023
Solar power installation in Morphett Vale by Solahart Adelaide South

David & Karen

FROM Morphett Vale

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
May 2023
Solar power installation in Christies Beach by Solahart Adelaide South
Great and honest advice from the start, the guys who installed my new Heat Pump hot water system were great, just received my 1st full quarter bill with the new unit and it is a 3rd of last February quarter, doesn’t get much better than that especially with a increase of power prices atm and feed in rate cut back on our solar !


FROM Christies Beach

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
February 2023
Solar power installation in Happy Valley by Solahart Adelaide South
Solahart, Paul in particular, were great to work with. They were not our cheapest quote but the service we received and quality of the product tipped us over in their direction. They answered our many questions and evolutions of thought over phone, email and in person. They were honest and quick with their responses. The quality of the products, and fast installation were excellent. They monitored our system to ensure it was working well from the get go. Highly recommend.


FROM Happy Valley

Consultant: Lyn Tucker
January 2023

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